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War Between The States Trivia. Thanks to 2nd Lt. Commander, Mark Waddell, for providing this trivia.

Anwers at bottom of page

Give the other name for the following battles. 
1) Bullrun. 
2) Stone's River. 
3) Sharpsburg. 
4) Malvern Hill. 
5) Ball's Bluff. 
6) Brice's Crossroads 
7) Elkhorn Tavern. 
8) Fair Oaks. 
9) Buzzard's Roost. 
10) Tupelo. 

1) Manassas. 
2) Mufreesboro. 
3) Antietam. 
4) Crew's Farm, or Poindexter's Farm (VA) 
5) Conrad's Ferry, or Harrisson's Island, or Leesburg. (VA) 
6)Guntown, or Tishomingo Creek. 
7) Pearidge. 
8) Seven Pines. 
9) Tunnel Hill. 
10) Harrisburg.